Home Education

If you are home educating your children and would like help with their maths studies, then please get in touch.

I am experienced in teaching from age 8 to 16 and have regularly tutored home-educated students through to taking their GCSE or IGCSE maths exams.

I am also very happy to teach small groups if you have one in need of a tutor.

I live near Witney, so visits in the daytime to families in the town or the surrounding villages are usually easy to fit into my schedule.  Oxford, unfortunately, is too far due to the unpredictable travelling time involved.

Every family is different but I am very flexible in my approach.  Some families like someone just to keep them on track with monthly visits.  Others have asked for 3 visits a week plus homework with the (successful) aim of passing exams a year or two years early.  Just let me know what you are looking for and we will tailor a programme to your child’s needs.



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